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34580_106915082692067_1922294_nTo you all: Let me tell you a story how I got saved when I was 12 years old from a very loving family of four that took me to their side and showed me what was evil and good in this world.

I was a bad child going down a wrong path of destruction from being in a broken family. I was starving for love, for attention that my mother didn’t do or wanted to do anymore.

She put me in a boy’s home and left me there for over 6 months till my dad found out and took me out to go back to live with him. I was being tossed around from her house to dad’s house till she put me in a boys home to keep me away from dad. I was beaten with belts and switches from her so called boyfriends,

I watched her let them beat me while she went to another room, I was breaking glass on a road to my house with other kids, when a church van pulled up and asked me if I was doing the damage on the road, I lied but they took me to my house and told my dad about it. Dad had to pay for two new tires. I got my butt whipped.

I later burned down the woods and got the fire department out there with helicopters and all, and got my butt beat again and the Lord wasn’t done with me yet. That church van that God sent to me, He had a plan from there. He knew my heart and my life as a very young child to a very young boy of 12 years old that just burned down the woods.

He later sent me on my bike to a state park campground. And from the beginning of this post as I was saying I came to a family that was playing wiffle ball, and they asked me to play with them, but I saw how they really loved each other, the little boy and girl with their mom and dad playing together, while laughing and playing around with each other.

The pain was hurting on the inside so deeply that I was starving for this love, this family life I wanted. After about three times of them asking me to play ball with them, I finally gave in but was real shy and nervous. But I finally relaxed and had fun playing with them. But now the dad pulled me to the side and asked if I wanted to have a snack with them and I said yes, I was hungry.

It was getting late too, toward evening. Then the dad pulled out God’s Holy Word and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me. And I felt something in that little boy’s heart and life that I have not felt before, and I knew this was something so powerful, but so full of light and love, and I was starving for this in my life.

I was 12 years old here. When he and the family prayed with me while I was asking the Lord to come in my life to save me, oh how that powerful love and light filled me up, the powerful feeling of goodness and freedom. I walked and talked so much differently and felt like a new boy, in a new body, I was born again like the Scriptures said we are supposed to be, by being born again in a new body and new Spirit, from Jesus Christ.

And I knew that it was getting dark there at the campground, and told the family thank you very much for what you have done to me, but the dad said it was the Lord Jesus Christ that has done this to me. Now he took my address, and wrote me letters through the mail and kept in contact with me for several years.

He also got a hold of a church and they brought their bus out to pick me up and took me to church every Sunday morning. This family made sure that I hung around my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, so I wouldn’t be led astray or away from my new faith and life in Jesus Christ.

I told him that my dad was going to be very mad and he was going to whip me. But the dad at the campground told me just to be calm and patient, while listening to the Holy Spirit speak to me on what to say or do. So as I was leaving on my bike, (which by the way if you remember back then they were the yellow dirt dusters from the Western Auto Stores), my dad came pulling up with his girlfriend Debbie.

He was yelling at me and throwing my bike in the trunk and tossing me in the back seat. When he told me he was going to whip me with a switch when we got back home and his girlfriend Debbie was going to do the same thing and I was getting angry at him and her, but then right there the Holy Spirit stopped me, by a warm peaceful feeling, before I opened up my mouth. So I remained quiet along the way home.

I used to yell and talk back all the time and dad and Debbie whipped my butt constantly for all of that. So when I was walking up to the house, he told me to go to my room and wait till I get back with a switch and Debbie said the same thing also. So as a 12 year old boy, I prayed to Jesus to to help me. So guess what, my dad never showed up and Debbie never showed up and I didn’t hear anything out of them instead a couple of times they were getting ready to come in but never did.

I felt a warm peaceful feeling come over me, kind of wrapping itself around me keeping me safe, so till this very day, I have felt the devil trying to trip me every single day in my life, but I also felt Jesus Christ putting a hedge around me to protect me from satan too. I feel and have felt and heard Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit whisper and talk to me all the time when they do, but not everyday or night, but most of the time. Especially when dark times come and go that is when Jesus shows up to help me, because that is when I can feel the dark evil presence of the evil one too.

I can tell you that I have seen God’s Saving Grace poured out on many people in my life that I never thought would be or get saved. My dad was a very hard man, coming from a very hard life also. He drank and got drunk after work a lot too. My mom was out drinking and messing around with men when I was just a baby.

But I prayed for them that God will one day save them, that He would soften their hearts to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Dad would make fun of me when I got saved and would always flip God off when things were going bad in his life.

So guess what God did for me after all the years of praying for my dad? Well, my dad lost his girlfriend of 25 years to heart failure, which by the way she was saved too, and he got so lonely that he called me a couple of days later crying on the phone for the first time, since I have never seen my dad cry let alone shed a tear, but he was feeling depressed and lonely while asking me about God.

He wanted to know why God did this to him and why this about God. I talked to him in a matter of 2 weeks going back and forth almost every night. Then dad had to move in another apartment complex. When he told me that there was a lady there that he became friends with.

She gave him a Bible to read when he started to feel this way again. Well it was about a week later he called me to tell me that last night he was feeling really bad and it was dark in his room and he wanted to die, but he was reminded about the Bible on the table, so he went to get it and he opened the Bible right up to John 3:16, and He read some more till he knew what to do by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He said he cried out to Jesus to save him and then he told me about how he felt a warm peaceful feeling that came over him. He also said that when he felt the Lord, all those heavy burdens he had were lifted off of him and he was crying about this the whole time.

You know why God did this? He knew that dad was going to get Leukemia soon which he did and went to be with the Lord. Then the same for my mom, she and I was finally seeing eye to eye and the Lord laid it on my heart real heavy to finally forgive her after what she has done to me over the years, and it was very hard for me to forgive her, so one night I cried like a baby from the Lord showing me how to forgive her or He won’t forgive me, Oh how that was painful. But I went to see her and asked her for forgiveness, and she asked me to forgive her too and I found out she got saved too, after a little time went by she called me to tell me she had lung cancer, so I went to see her and asked again if she knew where she was going if she died today, and she said yes I do. That is to be going to be with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Then when I left her, she went to be with the Lord about a week later. Now I tell you all this story to tell you that there is a God that loves you and knows you, along with wanting you to come to Him no matter what happens or what is going on in your life. Jesus Christ is real, He wants to save you, oh how He was there with me and my family all through the years! AMEN!

I have seen the worst in people and I have seen the wonderful, powerful, Saving Grace of my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ working in people’s lives everyday. And I have seen the demons and evil spirits in people’s life too and the Lord tossed them out and saved them from the depths of hell, so yes, I know there is a devil, and there is a God, and there is a Jesus Christ that is God’s Son, so yes I do BELIEVE! I’m not bragging about me, but about what God has done for me and my family, and guess what?

He can and will do the same for you and has since the beginning of time. They don’t call Him the King of kings, Lord of lords, and the WORD which was before and is the Word today and forevermore for nothing! Praise the Lord! AMEN!!!😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏😀😀


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A Personal Profile, and Ministry History of the Director;

Leonard GrubbsLeonard Grubb began ministering to individuals who were afflicted with alcohol, drug addiction, and obsessive/compulsive lifestyles within two years of his own A TESTIMONY supernatural deliverance from addictions and suicidal depressions.  His redemption and transformation are an answer to his personal prayer and acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord in December of 1984..

Leonard’s Calling as read from: II Timothy 4:1-5 (Quotation from the KJV)


History & Focus;

Since 1987 Leonard has reached hundreds of people, and has a vision of reaching more men and women with the hope that is present in the gospel of Jesus Christ; beginning with personal repentance, forgiveness of sins, and Gods ability and desire to transform broken lives.

In 1998 Leonard and his wife Maureen purchased a 5 bedroom rooming house that had been an active drug house. After evicting the drug dealers they rehabbed it and dubbed it Caleb House – “a transitional housing opportunity for men”, with a Christian Focus. This property provides a Christ centered environment, availability of individual assistance, and encouragement for those needing  alternative housing during a time of transition from recovery facilities, to life in the community as a new & growing Christian.  His work with the men in the house and the maintenance of these and other facilities has kept him active in Urban Cleveland, Ohio, where he has attempted to reach out to other agencies and make himself available as a mentor, counselor and minister to others in need.

Caleb House is currently receiving referrals from The City Mission, and the Salvation Army, Veterans Hospital in Brecksville, all in Cleveland area; from other pastors and churches who are aware of this ministry and calling – and from treatment facilities, and jails, around the state as the need for safe, sober housing and spiritual counsel may arise in Cleveland.

The coalition for housing, through Project Hope has encouraged the development of another “Caleb House” in Lake County Ohio, a project which we hope to undertake in the near future.

Leonard’s mission work & ministry involvement expanded when he was asked by an individual to assist in providing recovery meetings at the Lake County, Ohio, Jail. He began as an individual trying to assist another man, and after experiencing the need of the inmates, and having lost the support of the individual who had asked him to help, Leonard assumed a role of facilitator to expand the meetings and continue the program. Working with the individuals in charge at the jail he reached out to the community of active 12 step members to organize and staff two regular “recovery” meetings a week. In addition, Leonard’s personal commitment to providing Monday meetings on a regular basis, and two additional Bible based “Recovery focus groups” per month has placed him in a proactive position with the inmates who are seeking avenues of change based upon application of Gods word to everyday life.

Leonard has counseled men, women, families and clergy from all walks of life, from his biblical perspective on practical ways of overcoming debilitating behaviors through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ – and is open to working within the community with individuals and churches to continue to develop solutions that are based upon faith in and dependence upon God through Jesus Christ.

Most recently Leonard has taken on the mantel of responsibility associated with being a police chaplain for the city of Painesville, Ohio where he serves the officers and staff along with 3 other area pastors. They are seeking ways to develop and expand this effort to include service to the city employees, and Fire Department by developing a “Chaplains Corps” in Lake County, Ohio.

These ministries have been the focus of his life and activities for over 18 years, after having begun his outreach working with halfway houses in the mid 1980’s.

The formation of Christian Community Missions as an umbrella organization was the suggestion of a number of his advocates, as a vehicle through which he may continue his ministry and raise needed funds to continue, and to expand these efforts.

Can you help Leonard realize his vision for full time ministry? Please pray, and call to discuss how you might be able to support his efforts, and continue to send him into the community as a minister for change through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Leonard is married to Maureen and they live in Painesville, Ohio – They worship at Pilgrim Lutheran Brethren Church, in Concord, OH; Rev. Robert Heggestad, Pastor.




If interested in reading my book via Smashwords, go to this link.”HOW TO HAVE FAITH” ON SMASHWORDS….. If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

If interested in reading my book via Smashwords, go to this link.”HOW TO HAVE FAITH” ON SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.

I am outside hanging some clothes….and from a far distance, I see a beautiful bird, maybe an eagle? Not sure, but it was dancing in the sky, leaping, in every sort of way, as it lunged here and there. I said a prayer, Lord, bring it closer to me, to see. Instead it disappeared, and I lost sight of it. So no big deal, I am thinking Lord, its o.k. I go in, for a few minutes come right back out, and there it is so clear in sight! Wow God answered my prayer. A little one, but don’t give up anybody, sometimes He does not answer us in our timing, but His timing is always better. Glory to God for this bird! Made me smile, as I thanked Him…..

If interested in reading my book via Smashwords, go to this link.”HOW TO HAVE FAITH” ON SMASHWORDS…..
If interested in ordering the Paper Back go to this link.


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Growing up I was never taught how to pray, never taught of Gods love, or even the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. None of the woman in my life were spiritual women and my father and I weren’t very close. My entire teens and early adulthood were somehow surrounded by people who didn’t know or care to have a relationship with the Lord. In ways if nothing else I felt cheated out of this the most. I look back on the years that God was always there and I never knew to call on him. I wonder how my life could have been different if only I knew of his goodness and mercy and his love for me but I didn’t know any better. Instead I lived a very unfulfilling and lonely life full of leaning on my own understanding and making mistake after mistake. As my life seemed to sweep by me the years only got worse. My mother wasn’t shown how to be a spiritually leader and even a leader at all. My father moved away when i was a toddler and though I always reached out for his love it seemed it was never there. I yearned for love that only God could give but went looking for it in the wrong places from the wrong people. At the age of 16 I had my first child and was also told I had abnormal cervical cells. Trying to understand what it meant to be a teen mother my health took a back seat. Years developed and so did my abnormal cells. At 18 I went to my doctor and she said that she needed to do a Leap Procedure to remove all the cells that could possibly become cancerous. When I returned for my post-op she said that the margins were much further than expected and she didn’t get it all. I follow with two more Leap Procedures in the next three years and by the age of 22 I was told that i was very close to cervical cancer. Feeling lost and alone my friend invited me to her church. At this point in my life I felt like I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. God called on me March of 2010 and I began to learn what it was to surrender my life to the Lord, I learned what it was to be cleansed of my sins, I learned what it was to be loved for the first time ever. I learned that my life didn’t have to be dark that God could provide the light I needed. For the first  time in my life I felt free; I felt like no matter what happened in my life if I had God I didn’t need anything else. I got baptized and dug deeper into my relationship with Christ and I truly began to understand that through Christ all things are possible. A short time after I was saved God brought a man into my life that I never knew could exist. This was a man that I could have never imagined would come into my life but I certainly prayed for him. This man was a man of God like I’d never seen before. He quickly became a spiritual leader and mentor. We loved each other with the purest love and we pushed each other to be the best we can be. I remember telling him that if I developed cervical cancer and we couldn’t have any children would he still want to marry me; he said yes. I began to pray for a way out, I began to pray for a healing, I began to pray for our family if we were ever going to have one. God has been so good to me my whole life, even times that I wasn’t good to him he was still so good to me. I remember going to bed one night and thinking I’ve been leaning on my own wants and my own understanding for a long time now and it was time that I learned on the will of God and trust that no matter what happened it was his will for my life and what could be better than the will of God? That night I surrendered all. I went to  church on a Sunday morning and our Pastor heard God asking him to reach out to woman with cervical problems such as cancer and HPV. I got out of my seat along with a few others and humbly stood at the alter and began to just give God a praise. I never heard a word the Pastor was speaking I just remember feeling like it was me and God; as his presence covered me like only a fathers can. I was overwhelmed with the most joyful feeling I had ever felt. My mind, body, spirit and soul felt at such peace. I left that service feeling so much joy tears fell from my eyes hours later. There is nothing in this world like the presence of the Lord. I went to the doctors the follow month to have a biopsy to see how far the cells have traveled and what our next plan of action would be. My doctor called me in her office and as I sat on the cold medical bed she walked in with this unforgettable smile and that was the first time I had ever heard a doctor say, “Praise Jesus” she followed and said “Cherelle its gone, the cells are gone”. She couldn’t find any cells. The moment I surrendered my life to the Lord my days have been full of joy. I look back on the years since I was saved and they are the best years of my life and I praise God in advance for what he has for me next. Like myself many people didn’t grow up in a religious or spiritual home, many have grown up without ever having a spiritual leader but when God has a calling for your life no one can stop that. If you have not surrender your life to the Lord, you will never know what its like to be truly loved, you will never know what its like to have someone else to fight your battles, you will never know what its like to know that when your life ends on earth you will have eternal peace and happiness with your everlasting father. God is my everything and if it had not been for him I don’t know where I would be today. Thank you Jesus!

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I have been aware of Gods intervention so many times in my life.

I’ve seen on coming cars come to a halt from hitting me as a child. Felt Him bare me up in his arms to run to safety when I was almost kidnapped as a child. Miraculously healed at the age of 8 then heared what might have been angels singing outside our home.

Rescued in a foreign city long story but after crying to God for help He sent a neighbor of who I was staying with to lead me back..did not speak Chinese and was totally lost was only 12. Had the grace of God over me in court over something I had done completely lifted no record.

Was on a mission in the jungle of Hawaii and a wild vicious dog come after me only to get caught on something standing on his hind legs and yelping right after I just had read psalm 91. I’ve seen my gas go up when I was running on empty.

Opportunities and provisions when I thought there was none and even between that I have been through difficult circumstances but when I look to Him it never fails.

He never fails. He will get you by anything in this life. When you call on Him He will be there and always there.

Also when my son was 5 he was getting out of the passenger side and slammed his entire hand in the door and screamed to the top of his lungs. I rushed him to the doctor praying all the way there and suddenly He started moving his hand and said mom I can move my hand it doesn’t hurt anymore and sure enough not one broken bone.

I saw teenagers I shared Christ with come to Him..rebellious ones who ripped up the track I gave them laughed and God sent police after them can’t remember why but it was their lights that startled them as they ripped up the track and laughed at Christianty. They made a u-turn about the same time.

God led me to intercede for them and told me everything and said please pray for us we want to go to church. And they gave their life to Jesus. I can share so much more amazing things.

I know God has shown himself mighty and I don’t ever want to forget all the things He’s done for me. I can say for a fact that when you cry out to God with all your heart He will be there.

Sometimes you may not feel Him, see him and it may seems He’s not doing anything but He wants us to have faith that He does answer us. Just know He is working behind the scenes. We may not know how or when but the answers is sure to come. God never fails. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you and ty for taking the time to read some of my testimony.

When I was 4 years old I remember one night waking up to my grandpa touching me inappropriately, I felt dirty and ashamed and I never told any one and at the time I really didn’t know that it was wrong of him to be doing that..

It continued for many years and he would tell me not to tell any one or he would whip me and so I never did but then as I got older and knew it was wrong of him I stood up to him like a lion and told him he better not ever try touching me again like that or I would tell every one!!!

Any how, I knew a little about God, as a child I grew up going to the Catholic church, I used to be very interested in hearing people talk about God and I had a fear about disobeying God! I know that God gave me a kind, loving and forgiving heart!!

I was upset with what my grandpa had done but I forgave him, YES I FORGAVE HIM and I believe because I forgave him and didn’t keep a grudge or bitterness towards him that I was set free from a bondage that the devil was trying to put on my life!

I didn’t understand it much then but now that I’m an adult and think back at the things I used to do that would bring comfort to me while all this was going on..makes sense now!!

I used to sing songs to God that I learned in church and I would always talk to God when I was alone and it would always bring peace over me!! God was with me through it all and because of that I was able to forgive and not live a life that led to destruction, I’ve seen many people who have gone through the same type of thing that I did and they turned to drugs, alcohol etc….

I know that God has a very important purpose for my life because satan has been trying to get at me for a long time, I also have had many other trials but through my faith in God and having God in my life, I have come through them all, when I fall I get back up and keep going forward, I am a survivor and fighter for God!!

I don’t look at it as being a victim, I look at it as being a testimony to help others, the devil needs to be stomped on and kept under our feet, I am a child of the most high and I’m here to serve God!!! God is and always will be my life line, from the day I was born to eternity…

Thanks be to God for carrying me and making me the person I am today!! My relationship with God is the best relationship I’ve ever had!!! All glory and honor belongs to God our Father!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

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I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My dad, who died in July 2011, still an alcoholic, was a very abusive man. He would make my mother go to the bars with him so he could keep an eye on her. She, in turn, became addicted to gambling. She’s not too bad now, but when we were younger it was bad. She’d be gambling and dad would be drinking and they’d be throwing money away instead of paying bills. We’d have to do our homework by candlelight, go without baths, grab dirty clothes out of the clothes hamper to wear to school. Go without food from time to time and we moved a lot. The longest we stayed anywhere was the 5 years we spent in Portage.

Our sense of stability, comfort and security came from our Grandparents, our Uncles and Aunts on my mom’s side of the family. Mostly Grandpa and Grandma.

Most of my memories are sporadic, at best. The earliest one being of my dad kicking me in the back with steel-toed work boots and my Grandma kicking him out of her house! She kept me for a while and wouldn’t let my dad see me. Another memory, early on, was of a rat-infested apartment where I had a bad ear-ache. I remember Grandpa getting us kids and taking us to his house. I remember Grandma taking care of my ear and nursing me back to health. I have another memory of hiding behind a metal wardrobe, under my baby brother’s crib. While a man was walking through our house with a flashlight. I remember kool-aid glasses on the table, footrpints on the window and bullet holes in the ceiling. Dad fired off his rifle. I don’t know if it was to warn the intruder or if they were fighting over his gun. Don’t remember that much. Mom tells me now that the man put us under Bob’s crib. All I know is you don’t forget someone breaking into your home very easily.

I was molested by two neighbor boys when I was in first grade. I remember some things about that. Things you’d rather forget, but they creep up on you every now and then. I started drinking at a very young age. I used to think I was about 8 or 9. Now I know I was about 12. I would sneak dad’s whiskey and then put water in the bottle. By the time he caught on to who was doing it, I had found other ways to get my alcohol.

When I was 15 my dad kicked me out of the house for giving him a bloody nose. He was going after my mom with a knife and I reached around and pulled his head back. Thus, the bloody nose. So, I went to live with my Uncle Ed and Aunt Jan for a short time. Then I moved in with a guy who beat, raped and sodomized me. He got help and I moved back. He wound up throwing me into our trailer, hitting my back on some weights that were laying on the floor. Then he chased me around with a knife, fractured my cheek bone and forced me to go to his Mom’s with him. When we got back to the trailer I ran away from him and went to my Brother-In-Law’s Parents’ house. They took me to the hospital.

He did this because he was in a drunken stupor from 1 beer. That’s all it took for him, just one. He turned into a maniac. I stayed with him because by this time I was very close to being an alcoholic. I did LSD and Speed, I smoked pot and hash. But booze was my main drug. I was drinking suicides by this time and I was only 17.

After moving out of that mess, I moved in with my Sister and Brother-In-Law. Big Mistake! From there I moved into a trailer with a “friend” who stole from me. So, obviously, that didn’t work out! LOL

I bounced around a lot, but managed to finish school and work a part-time job. I don’t know how I did that, but I did! My transcripts showed my decline. I went from and A/B student to a C-/D student. So, I barely graduated.

I was having black-out periods of time at 18 and tried to kill myself. The doctor told me I had enough sleeping pills in me to kill me. But they got me to the hospital in time. I just wanted out of the pain, emptiness and loneliness. I had a lot of relationships, but none were good and I had another abusive boyfriend after the first one. So, to say the least, I was one messed up, chickadee!! There’s a lot I didn’t mention that I remember. Most of it bad.

I do remember some good. Going for drives with my mom, all of us hanging out the windows, hoopin’ and hollerin’. I remember going at night on a deserted road and turning off the lights to watch the “Dance of the Fireflies”. But the bad often overpowers the good and you tend to lose hope in life. For me, by the time I was 18, it had no meaning.

I went to Sunday School and Church. Mostly because Dad and Mom wanted us out of their hair! I thought I was saved twice before I was really saved. Even ran from God once, but that’s another story!

When I was saved, I was Delivered! I had been away from my drinking/drugging buddies for about 4 months. I was reading a passage in the Bible that said to go into your prayer closet and pray. I took it literally. I knelt down to pray and demonic faces started flying at me from the left and the right. I bolted out of the closet and knelt by my bed. The faces followed me. I got up into the bed and threw the covers over my head. I started praying. I know I said something about God sending Jesus to die for my sin and asking Him to save me. As I was praying a peace fell over me and I heard a voice whisper, “It’s okay, you can look now.” When I pulled the covers down there was a sheet of light over my bed. It swirled into a ball, entered the center of my chest and flooded over me from head to toe. Then I fell asleep. The next day the lady I was staying with asked if I had tested the spirits. I said, “What do you mean?” She said, “Don’t you know that satan can come as a Spirit of Light?” I told her, “That may be, but I was praying at the time, and I’m filled with so much Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness, I don’t believe satan could imitate this!” I couldn’t smell alcohol after that. It would make me feel like I was gonna puke! That’s a GOD THING!

I don’t know if what I experienced was my imagination or if it actually happened. Some don’t believe in such things. All I know is it was very real to me and I’ve never been the same since! I’m still growing in His Grace, His Mercy and His Love. Even with my Deliverance, I had, and still have, a long way to go! But I’m so thankful that God saw fit to save me! He longs for you to know Him too. He’s waiting to hear from you.

Praise report on the boyfriend I lived with, he was saved a few years ago! He told my sister and asked her to ask me to forgive him. Because he knew he wouldn’t see me. I told her if she sees him again, tell him, he’s all ready been forgiven! Hallelujah! God Is Good!

Footnote: Praise Report; One of the first things I learned to do. Forgive. Others and myself. There’s no peace in Christ without it and who am I to withhold forgiveness from anyone? If I do, then I’m taking God’s place as judge over those who hurt me and over myself for the horrible choices I made! I can guarantee you will not move forward with Christ if you harbor unforgiveness in your heart.

God’s Grace, Blessings, Peace and Love be upon you, Always!


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TODAY is my 30 YEAR BIRTHDAY WITH THE LORD!!!! Nov 22, 1982, in Phoenix, Arizona, I was living there with our 3 kids, and my husband was working in Florida, and I was going through what at THAT time, were the worst times of my life.

I had just gotten ANOTHER phone call with a bad report and I did not know what to do. I was raised Catholic, so I knew there was a God, but I thought He was mad at me all the time and had no CLUE that I could talk with Him. ~

Background is that a year previously, while living in Elk Grove, CA, a couple that were friends of ours, they had a little girl the same age as my little girls, and sometimes the Mama and I would do things together with our children. And so I KNEW they were GOOD people, that they were CHRISTIAN, and that they read their Bible.

One day she mentioned something about tithing, and quoted the Word on it. That’s all it was….very simple, and short. But it STRUCK me, somehow. ~ So now fast-forward a year later and I’m in Phoenix, and had just gotten that bad phone call. I was crying so hard… know how you cry SO hard that you can hardly even BREATHE and you’re just a hot MESS? That was me. And then there was a knock at my front door! That was at 10:00am in the morning.

I quickly wiped away some of my tears as best I could and answered the door. There was a beautiful Mexican woman at my door,Bernadette and she had a HUGE DISPLAY BIBLE under her arm (which instantly alerted me that she was a Christian, that she was good, and that I could TRUST her, because I INSTANTLY remembered my friends from Elk Grove and the “word” about tithing a year ago!

Even though that scripture had nothing to do with salvation, it was STILL the Word of God, which does NOT return void, but ACCOMPLISHED what it was sent forth to do! That’s why I quote Scripture so much….it’s POWERFUL!).

And Bernadette says to me, “Hi. My name is Bernadette Gonzales, and I live just across the street there (and she pointed to her home) and I was praying and reading my Bible, and the Holy Spirit told me to come on over to your house, that something was wrong. Is everything all right?” I wailed, “Nooooo, ….c’mon in” and was crying.

Now I REMEMBERED the scripture quote from my friends from Elk Grove a year previous, and now INSTANTLY TRUSTED and BELIEVED Bernadette. And 10 minutes later. 10:10 in the morning, November 22, 1982, I was on my knees, in my living room, receiving Jesus Christ as my Savior and as the Lord of my life!!!! That was the beginning of my beautiful, miraculous and loving journey with my Jesus!

I have since been a missionary to the Philippines for 18 years, a missionary in Mexico for 4 months, chaplain, minister, and a handmaiden of the Most High God! And that happened…..30 years ago TODAY!

Thank You Lord, for my salvation, for Your tremendous love and faithfulness. I again surrender myself to You, consecrate myself to You, and completely give myself to You. I love you, my sweet Jesus, with all that I am! Thank You for loving me, for Your faithfulness, and for ALL that You have done for me and are doing for me and will do for me! I love You!

My Testimony:


I was one of those people Sunday who was feeling a wave of emotions (and I know better).  My husband’s job had cut his hours back last year which caused us to get behind in some things especially our Property taxes.

There is money that we are owed from several sources but it has been one delay after another and the Township has been less than sympathetic.  My husband has not wanted to deal with this issue at all saying if they sell the house, so be it.  I have been standing for both of us.

The tax sale is scheduled for June 29th.  After Sunday when I really gave it all to Daddy,  I purposed in my heart not to think about it again.  I just began to praise Him and put Him in remembrance of all of those things that have been prophesied at the same time confessing His word over everything.

I told Him that I didn’t need to know how He would work it out and that I knew He had me regardless.  I have been in that area of “perfect peace” resting in  Him knowing if I had to walk away from it all, He still had me and would provide for me.

Still making calls about the money owed to us, I finally rested in that as well and really didn’t care whether it came in or not just trusting and praising Daddy.  I knew in my spirit that something had shifted in my situation and I began to praise Him in a different way.

Yesterday, my youngest son got a refund check from college and it is for almost exactly the amount that I need to cover the Property Taxes.  This doesn’t even take into account the other funds that I am waiting to receive.  Yesterday was when He placed very strongly in my spirit that He had taken care of everything.

I deposited the check today and when it clears, Hallelujah.  When He blesses me financially, since last year it has always been a “double portion” which is exactly what it turned out to be this time as well.

I needed to be reminded to refocus my sights on my Daddy and trust Him no matter what.  When I have done that it the past, Him moves overnight.  I call it resting in the Abba Zone which centers my thoughts and my praise solely on Him.  He is so good.

Another testimony for someone I have been mentoring and interceding for a breakthrough:

Cheryl told me that a young lady I had been praying for and mentoring that God was about to do something miraculous in her life.  I didn’t know who at the time because I intercede for so many people.  Yesterday this young lady posted a message on her Facebook that had me concerned.  It was a cry to Daddy for help.  Praying He had me to contact her.  Within 20 minutes of the prayer (she had financial need to be met), I shared with her what Daddy had said about her.  She checked her account and there was a deposit that she was not expecting which took care of that need.  Breakthrough again!

Daddy also said that the Breakthrough’s in people’s lives are going to be like a chain reaction for those that are ready to receive.  Hallelujah!



Today, I went to go and have lunch with my dear friend Shirley. After many years, it was good to see her. Anyway, as I looked down at my wedding ring, I realized my diamond was missing from my ring. I was so upset through the whole lunch, I could not even eat. But as I came home, and wrote in my blog, about my prayer, and how great God is, I called another dear friend, Marilyn, and asked her to pray for me.

As she began, to pray, she said: “Father, you know where this diamond was created, whether in Africa or Brazil, and you know where it is”….as she said that, I walked right into our kitchen, and as I looked on the floor, there it was shiny.

And I picked it up and began crying and screaming I found it. But it reminded me of this scripture, and I pray you take this to heart as well. God answers prayer.     


This is what exactly happened, as my friend began her prayer. I thank God, for her prayer and for his answer. Please, please, please know….God hears you and me, when we pray, he loves us all. I am in awe of him now, and I just know….How great God is. Blessings, and much love, Elena  

Father, thank you for the testimony of this, may it bring you honor praise, and glory.  I so appreciate your love and considerations in this matter.  I shout it to the Mountain tops, how great you are.  I will never, ever forget this, and I thank you so very much.  May you receive all glory honor and praise.  May people read this and be in awe, and say, wow….if God could do that for her, he could do that for me, for you are not a respecter of persons.  YES, HALLELUJAH!! You are the King of Kings, and ever so kind, I am in awe.  Thank you Lord.  In your love, thank you, Amen 

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